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Kristen and Justin Deese
Kristen Deese

Kristen Deese

Systems Genius, Business Coach, CBC, and Co-Author

Kristen Deese is a Business Coach and Certified Behavioral Consultant who helps businesses grow by strengthening the ‘behind the scenes’ framework and communication strategies within the organization. All too often business owners are investing countless hours in their business but can’t quite seem to reap the rewards they imagined when dreaming of owning their own business in the first place.

Kristen holds a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting and 15 years of business ownership within the in-home services industry. She has experienced the ups and downs of running a business and after spending quite a bit of time with her own business coach she realized becoming a coach was her purpose and vehicle in which to serve others.

It was through personal experience in business ownership that awarded Kristen with the experience and knowledge needed to be able to lead fellow business owners through the rough patches of running a business. Time management, self-organization, personal development and a clear vision of future goals are the cornerstones that have helped Kristen structure her life in a way that is personally and professionally fulfilling. It is these principles and many others that Kristen is excited to share with other business owners so they too can experience the freedom and fulfillment of owning a successful business.

When Kristen, her husband Justin, 2 children and loyal family canines are not traveling across the country in their RV, they call Gulf Breeze, Florida home. In her free time, she enjoys spending time on the white sand beaches of the Gulf Coast, paddle board yoga, snorkeling, hiking, riding 4-wheelers and connecting with friends and family.

She uses her Certified Behavior Consultant training as a superpower in showing her clients why they do the things they do – which is amazingly helpful when working with married business partners!

Kristen Deese
Justin Deese

Justin Deese

Serial Entrepreneur, Sales Guru, Business Coach, and Co-Author

Justin Deese is a business strategist, visionary, and self-made entrepreneur. He simultaneously built three flourishing in-home service companies in multiple states, is a certified E-Myth Business Coach, and is an expert at helping fellow business owners structure and manage their companies for maximum profitability. Justin has extensive working knowledge regarding all aspects of operating a successful business, and has helped numerous business owners revitalize their companies.

Justin has a distinct talent for helping entrepreneurs recognize growth opportunities, remove what’s hindering their success, and develop customized strategies based on their personal goals. The parts of the business he is most passionate about is Leadership, Sales and Marketing.

Justin attributes his success in business to implementing the same methods he teaches. He is passionate about sharing his wisdom and encouraging business owners to take a step back from their companies and really examine what it will take for their companies to serve their lives, not the other way around.

Justin’s personal motto is: “Measure, Motivate, and Manage.” He is driven to help others build thriving businesses, and uses his extensive business knowledge to help married business owners achieve incomparable levels of success and profitability.

We Also Give Hands-On Workshops & Talks

Justin & Kristen are both available for speaking engagements on a variety of subjects surrounding business, leadership, employee relations, time management, business growth, and a number of other subjects.